A learning journey on digital marketing and digitalization

Hi There! Welcome on Nekoh. My name is Koen. I am a digital project manager and digital marketeer in Amsterdam. I work for a variety of clients in the Netherlands. Nekoh is my own learning journey on digital marketing and digitalization where I share what I learn and have learned. Nekoh comes from Neko Harbour, a magnificient spot on the Antarctic peninsula I visited in March 2017 when I joined British polar traveler Robert Swan on a voyage towards the coldest place on earth: Antarctica.

Nekoh in a nutshell

Nekoh is an online learning journey on digital marketing and digitalization. It’s all about helping yourself (and your business) navigate through a world that is becoming ever more digital. It’s not enough anymore to study, get a degree and hope for that great 9-5 or freelance job. No, the digital world needs continuous learners.

Nekoh is my own learning curve on digital marketing and everything you can use to grow a digital business or apply as a digital marketeer. Whether you’re a freelancer (like me), working at a company as digital marketeer or you are non of those, but just want to learn more about online marketing and digitalization. Nekoh is the place where you can meet likeminded people and learn from me (I hope!) and each other. You can add yourself to our Facebook Group here to stay up to date and connect with other people. Secondly, Nekoh is about doing business in a different way. Where success and running a good online business goes hand in hand with giving back. We have a mark on our horizon. Way more important than everything else.

So, what are you gonna offer me?
1. Curated content.

I want to improve my own skills on digital marketing and digitalization all the time. You can find so much information online, its dazzling. I read a good portion of it, so why not share it and create some sort of order in that pile of information. Everything I find valuable I share with you, in the hope you can learn something from it too. Everything I share is provided with a link to the original author and some context. Shared content is not only about online marketing, advertising or analytics. Being a good digital marketeer is knowing more than how to advertise alone. You have to be knowledgable on how the world is becoming ever more digitalized. You have to be aware of the trends, the challenges companies (your potential clients) face. In short: the digital world they experience and the challenges that come with it. So, you, as an expert, can make life better for them :-)

2. Unique content.

I will create content of my own when I think it ads something really valuable to stuff I have not seen online yet. Or, I share stuff I learn from working for my own clients. Or, I summarize content where I think things are being made way to complicated. In the near future I will provide unique content with video, tutorials, long reads, interviews with online specialists and other stuff that can be valuable.

3. Webinars on specialism

The ‘online marketeer’ or ‘digital marketeer’ does not exist. This field is huge, and every specialism asks for a certain time of study and effort. SEO, SEA, analytics, social advertising, being a product owner on a digital project, being a strategist, data marketing, funnel marketing.. and the list goes on. Nobody is a master on everything. We need each other. What we do within this project is collect specialists around us. These specialists will be giving webinars for you to learn from and improve your skills. We will start doing this when our group of people who signed up is big enough. I will create a digital environment where we can meet, talk things through, and you can sign up for webinars whenever you feel like. Also expect live interviews with experts in the field of digitalization or digital marketing.

Interested to connect? Sign up here and add yourself to our Facebook GroupA specific question for me? Connect on LinkedIN and send me a DM. See you there! Cheers. Koen.