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Sharing as we go

Part of this project is to give back. Not at the end, not sporadically, but continuously. We call this sharing as we go. Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler coined this term once, and we like it. It means that you share during your entrepreneurial journey, not donating big sums afterwards. It has to be an integral part of your business. Sustainable growth is good. Always growing is bad. We don’t want to grow forever. We give away 15% of the profits that we make with this project. On the go. And we make public how and what. This means giving away. Not investing.

Its hard to define precisely what kind of projects are suited, but we try to give you an idea down here. If you think you have a project that matches the criteria: Welcome to send me a short note down here with some info on the project you are working on. We’ll be in touch. – Koen.

Think about:
  • Financing Solar panels
  • Financing clothing used on an expedition with a sustainable or (climate) scientific purpose
  • Financing sustainable diving gear used by people to clean up the plastic soup in our oceans
  • Financing recycled boats that are being used to clean up the plastic soup in local rivers or waters
  • Financing a local business who tries to set up a cradle to cradle business to diminish local waste
  • Much more projects alike. We are open for any suggestions.

We don’t put money in projects we don’t believe in. Projects that are not sincerely durable, sustainable or proven bad for the planet on the long run are not an option. Furthermore, the money that we give, has to be traceable. We want to know exactly where it has been used for. No receipts means no money. We want to publish all receipts on this website and be completely open about it. Money goes to concrete (material) things that do no harm to our planet. We have a preference for small local or regional projects where results are tangible and can be measured. We don’t give money to political projects, (local) governments or lobby groups.