Our ideal

Sustainable projects: our mark on the horizon

Nekoh is something more than only a digital project. We have another goal. We think the way we do business today is old fashioned. While doing business we are extracting to much from the planet we inhabit, and we are not doing enough to give back. We believe we have reached a tipping point and are in need of more sustainable projects. Climate change is going to hit us in the face while we are in our office buildings enjoying our lattes and double espressos. If we don’t want to destroy our planet, we have to change the way we do business. We believe we can create a community of people who are in the game to do business wisely. To be successful, to make profit, to enjoy live the fullest, but to give back while on that journey.

Changing the Game

With Nekoh we want to set an example of doing business a little bit different.Where gains trickle back to concrete projects that help restore the inbalance we created ourselves. Always. As part of a companies DNA. Where making a good living and making profit can go hand in hand with giving part of that gain back. In our case thats something we find both fascinating and beautiful: the planet and the climate we inhabit.

Visiting Antarctica

In March 2017 I visited Antarctica with a great group of people from around the world. Under the guidance and leadership of Robert Swan, the first man ever to have walked to both poles, we saw from up close that what we do here (on other continents), has consequences there. And, if ‘there’ comes here, it will hit us in the face while we see it coming from far. More severe hurricanes, more flooding, more extreme heat. We have seen the examples this (2017) year around the world, and it’s just a start. I am convinced that in order to tackle this, change needs to be durable and structural. That change need to come from ourselves. From our way of doing business together. A task that’s on the current generation and the one coming to kickstart. A task that takes more than 1 generation. A task that is so huge, doing nothing is the easy way out. And thats exactly what we are doing now.

The Status Quo

Business culture of today is centered around shareholder value and profit maximalisation. In general terms thats the status quo we live with today. Quarterly terms are our horizon. Short term gain win it from long term wisdom and vision. Often at the expense of other more valuable stuff that is not directly quantifiable. The way we do business right now is not very smart either. Global business and industry puts a heavy burden on the nature and planet we inhabit. We take its resources to gain. We travel around shipping our stuff and pollute the oceans. We focus on growth only. The coming years the limits of our climate are going to be stretched. Our climate is changing. Weather will be more severe and intense. And we don’t do enough to give back.

Soon, when enough people signed up, we create an online environment where we are going to connect people who have showed an interest in our digital project. Then, I will give an update on how we are concretely going to attach this ideal to this digital project. Stay tuned, and if you have any questions, drop me a line on LinkedIN with a DM anytime and add yourself to our Facebook Group. Cheers! Koen